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Fighting on Film for Actors 101

The "Fighting on Film for Actors" class is designed specifically for Actors.  WHY?  More and more projects are showing up on breakdowns that require actors to perform basic and believable action sequences on camera.  If add this skill-set to your toolbox, you have a much better chance of booking work. This class will help you do exactly that.  What's more is upon completion of the class, there is an add-on "fight reel" option that will give you precisely what you need when submitting for projects that require on screen fighting skills.

You work every single class and even get footage for your social media to show industry professionals that you are serious about your craft.

Fighting on Film for Actors 101 Curriculum


  • Dynamic Movement

  • Static Stretching



Safety (Always err on the side of safety)

  • Communication (verbal/non-verbal)

  • Distance

  • Timing (when to be where)

  • Stop or Go




  • Punches

  • Kicks

  • Elbows

  • Knees

  • Holds

  • Acting

    • Physical

    • Verbal

    • Face/Intention



Receiving (aka Selling)

  • Timing

  • Angles/Planes of motion

  • Reaction (power/speed dependent)

  • Blocks

  • Avoidance

  • Parries

  • Camera Awareness 

  • Rolls

  • Acting

    • Physical

    • Verbal

    • Face/Resulting Pain etc.



Fight Choreography

  • The duality of giving and receiving to tell the story

  • Safety

  • Building a fight

  • Rhythm and Tempo

  • Buying Time

  • Action Sequence ebbs and flows

  • Memorization

  • ½ speed

  • Performance Speed

  • 1 on 1 fight sequence mastery



WHEN: Tuesdays 10AM-Noon (Four consecutive classes with option to continue)  New class groups start approximately every two months.

WHERE:  Mar Vista, CA 90066

COST: $200 

CLASS SIZE: Limited to 10 people max

FIGHT REEL OPTION:  Upon satisfactory completion of Fighting on Film for Actors 101 the student is offered an add-on "fight reel" shoot/edit to be completed with a fellow student for only $120 per student. 

Sample Fight Reels from Actual Fighting on Film 101 Students

Fighting on Film 101 Strike Set
Fighting on Film 101 Blocking Set
Sample In Class Training Sequences


Ian Lauer is a Meisner trained actor with multiple black belts in the martial arts.  He understands the unique challenges of making a fight look realistic as well as being crafted in a safe manner for film.  With Ian's unique experience as an actor, martial artist and long time student of stage combat, he is properly equipped to prepare you for basic fighting on film action sequences that you are likely to encounter in today's film world.


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